Country 10: Switzerland

As I close in on 100 countries visited in a lifetime of roaming and working abroad, I’m retracing my route towards that “100 club” and sharing impressions collected along the way.

Fresh from a mid-summer glacier ski on the Jungfrau mountain, the fifteen-year-old me surveys the world from a lofty perch, glimpsing a future packed with travel and adventure. Or at least that’s what this photo symbolises for the modern-day me. And I’m by no means the first to reimagine events to fit a glamourized version of a life story. After all, how many autobiographies provide an objectively accurate account of a famous person’s life? The truth is, while that European caravanning tour with my dad gave an early taster of life on the road, I could scarcely have imagined that the travel bug would become a lifelong, chronic condition, taking me to the four corners of the earth and beyond.

Photo credit: second photo by Claudia Beyli on Pixabay.

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