About Nomad Scribe


As a writer, editor and former diplomat, I have worked all over the globe, from Buenos Aires to Bangkok and Luanda to Lisbon. Outside work, nomadic urges have propelled me across nearly 100 countries with the help of dugout canoes, helicopters, dune buggies, hovercrafts, tuk-tuks, bamboo rafts, trams, packed bus roofs, sledges, rubber rings, trucks… and even planes, trains and automobiles!

A curious soul, I cannot help but reflect on the world going by, especially when history is involved. And I often find that the greatest stories are hidden in unlikely places and encounters. You’ll find some here and in a forthcoming book. Happy reading! Steve

Map of countries visited/lived in (see 100 Club for further details on these countries)

As I close in on 100 countries visited during a lifetime of roaming and working abroad, a new feature tracks how I reach(ed) that elusive 100 Club and shares some impressions I collected along the way!

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