Photostory #10

Taj Mahal croppedTaj Mahal, Agra, India, 2004. This photo symbolises my hope that we will soon return to gazing upon wonders and embracing each other across the artificial divides of household or culture. And that even in tragedy we may find inspiration, like Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan who lost his beloved wife but gifted the world this dazzling monument to everlasting love.


4 thoughts on “Photostory #10

  1. Apparently Shah Jahan commissioned a black Taj for himself across the river mirroring Mumtaz’s one. Unfortunately he was thrown into prison by his son before he could complete it. Kids! At least they now lie together


    1. How interesting! It’s a pity that he was thwarted in this endeavour as one can only imagine what a stunning sight twin contrasting black and white Taj Mahals would be.


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