VE Day: Victory and Virus in Europe

VE Day celebrations along the Strand in London, 8 May 1945.
Revellers passing along the Strand in London during VE Day celebrations, 8 May 1945. Source: photograph HU41808 from the collections of the Imperial War Museum.

It is sad that we cannot publicly commemorate Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) this 8th of May yet it also feels apt and even more poignant that its 75th anniversary should fall as we battle our own invisible enemy. Today many of us continue to stay at home to save lives while 75 years ago our parents, grandparents and other relatives fought battles far from home to protect us. Both wars have cost far too many lives and required monumental sacrifices. However, VE Day and the speed of post-war reconstruction provide hope that soon we too will prevail and rebuild our lives and economies.

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