Photostory #1

Angola Huambo 085Huambo, Angola 2010. Eight years had passed since the end of Angola’s 27-year civil war, yet the scars were still apparent. Structures can be rebuilt but not the 500,000 lives lost in the war. Sadly, the world is little safer today. According to the Global Peace Index, only ten countries are totally free from conflict while 12.6% of global GDP ($1953 per person) is lost through violence.

2 thoughts on “Photostory #1

  1. Hi Steve, your photostories are great. I like the way you’ve made the info so concise, that’s like Yann Arthus Bertrand’s descriptions and explanations of his photos (in The Earth Viewed from the Sky).

    So about this one below, you mention only ten countries that are free from conflict… Do you know which ones they are? I’m really curious about that. And I’m guessing that the UK isn’t one of them but if that’s the case is that because of continued involvement in Afghanistan? Or in Iraq or Syria? Or is it because of the Islamist terrorist attacks in the UK since 7/7/05?


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