Country 1: United Kingdom

As I close in on 100 countries visited in a lifetime of roaming and working abroad, this new feature follows my route towards that exclusive 100 Club and shares some impressions I collected along the way!

I’m reliably informed that the UK was the first country I ever set eyes on though I can’t recall that moment. I didn’t enter by air, by ferry or through the channel tunnel and my first impressions were markedly different from your average foreign tourist no doubt.

I’m tempted to count “England” as my first country so as later to claim four countries for the price of one! However, while there are no commonly-accepted criteria among travel clubs or travellers, I personally believe that the most logical and fairest approach is only to count sovereign nations towards one’s total and to discount airport transfers; this is the “rule” that I have followed here.

Below is a selection of photos taken whilst hiking in the Sussex and Devonshire countryside in recent years.

3 thoughts on “Country 1: United Kingdom

  1. Wow, speaking of a world traveler, even that’s a flight attendant haven’t hit 90 yet!! I think you are 🆒! Keep up the traveling because it’s open the eyes and the heart more and more. Have a good day! Xx -CM

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    1. Awww thanks CM for your lovely note 🙂 You’re quite right and I’m not sure I even could stop, it’s in my bones! Looks like you’re really well travelled too, maybe you’ll catch me up soon 😉 Have a good day too, Steve


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